What does high value real estate mean? How do we evaluate it objectively? How do we confirm our evaluation and ranking? At 3BElabs we generate recommendations, consulting, metrics, and technology to appraise the value of real estate for housing and investment.  Our analysis shows that location can represent more than 45% of the value of a property, but it is not enough if it does not meet the basic needs of those who live there.  Spaces with security, mobility, functionality, ventilation, and neighborhood harmony can transform communities or destroy them.  Investing in the smallest of spaces in an informed manner makes a big difference in your house or business portfolio.  Let us help you, especially if you do it in Mexico City, and capitalize on our more than 50 years of experience in the field.

How can we help you?

Advice and consulting. Smart Living. Smart Investment.

If you are buying Real Estate for housing or rent.

We support you with suggestions, consulting, legal advice, and purchase evaluation. 

If you are building or transforming properties.


We help you find the best technology on the market in security, energy saving, IT, communication, and management apps.  Your 3BE in CONSULTING.

If you are interested in investing in Real Estate in an enterprise fund.


You can own a significant portion of real estate with high value partners.  INVEST.


What do we recommend if you are buying real estate property to live or to rent?

Be clear about your needs and expectations.

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Minimum down payment will avoid large fees or interest on your property loans.
Properties evaluated as a minimum before making a decision.​
Options as finalists in your search.
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Of your needs must be fulfilled by the property.
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Is the level of pressure you should feel from realtors and "deals".​

Do you know the real estate sales techniques that realtors use against you?

Look for a good sales advisor.

Statements like “Last apartments/Today only/Great Opportunity” are advertisements that more than 75% of the time are not completely true. Things take time in real estate, do not rush them.

If after expressing your needs to a realtor, they say “There is no such thing” they may actually mean “I don’t have it in my portfolio”.  Always consult with more than one salesperson.

Utilize a metric to buy real estate. An emotional purchase for up to 25 years of debt may be a bad decision for you.

Especially if the house or apartment is renovated, big closets do not make up for bad houses

There are very targeted sales strategies for both men and women (more heavily weighted towards women in 3/4 sales), you just have to be aware.

If the sale is based on future possibilities, it could be a red flag. If the sale is based on “imagine” statements, it could be a red flag.  The risk is always greater for the buyer than for the seller.

If you communicate your fears more than your needs, a property may appear that solves your fears but not your needs.

Some real estate comparatives

Not all real estate are equal.

We repeat it again: location, location, location.

Security is essential for peace of mind at home. Try to extend it as much as possible.

A great place to live is an apartment where the number of rooms is equal or lower than the number of bathrooms and parking spaces.

The ceiling height is a good comparison among properties.  If it is taller than 2.40m, it is a good option.

You will remember this rule when someone at home gets stomach sick.

Illuminated Spaces specially in bathrooms, kitchens and common spaces.

Kitchens and bathrooms are still the most expensive part of the house, you should like them with little to no remodeling.

A new property means a better quality of life for you and your loved ones.  Evaluate the neighborhood as well.

How is our legal advice?

Legal Advice

Legal support on real estate

House renting, selling, buying, inheritance, and donation.

$ 2856 USD/hr
+TAX Lawyer consulting.

Internal Condominium Audit

Assistance for condominium administrations to clear disputes and doubts with owners and proprietors.

Support instrument and legal framework for the owners of properties subject to the condominium property regime.

  • We review the performance of external administrators or condominium owners.
  • We verify the efficiency, effectiveness and expenses of the administrators.
  • We review the actions, costs and progress of projects in real estate properties.
  • We reconcile the relationship between the administration and the homeowners.
  • We provide advice and monitoring with the objective of improving susceptible areas in relation to the invested resources.