What would you achieve with our recommendations and consulting?  A high value property worth living in and investing in. If we already have the data and selection of properties, we can also bring you closer to a group of investors that support each other to increase their assets.

With duties and rights, you can become an investment partner of a high value real estate property where you can enjoy the value and security provided by physical spaces.

3BElabs la mejor empresa mexicana

HOW does it work?

We help you research and select a real estate asset as well as a group of investment partners like you. We create your tribe (3BE) for an investment where you can have a representative vote and ongoing legal assistance that will bring you profit and increase your income portfolio.

We follow the best market recommendations and show you a portfolio of high value real estate where partners can invest.

Once you’re in the 3BE, with your investment you gain a representative vote of the property and we support you with contracts and insurance to protect the investment, follow-up, and disputes.

With a real estate property, you can decide to become a 3BElabs GEN (National Enterprise Generation). You become a partner of 3BElabs and we along with other partners support you in the payment of taxes, management, contracts, reporting and protection against possible legal problems.

With your 3BE, you form a group of people and a legally constituted company with internal regulations and preferential votes where your participation can be temporary or definitive.  We support you so that everyone gets the most out of it.

Which 3BE will you form to invest today?

Create a Tribe (3BE) and increase your portfolio.


We can talk

CDMX, Xoco-Mítikah, CP. 0330.

If you are buying Real Estate for housing or rent.

We support you with suggestions, consulting, legal advice, and purchase evaluation. 

If you are building or transforming properties.


We help you find the best technology on the market in security, energy saving, IT, communication, and management apps.  Your 3BE in CONSULTING.

If you are interested in investing in Real Estate in an enterprise fund.


You can own a significant portion of real estate with high value partners. INVEST.