Digital Retail: A sales channel under a secure, intuitive platform, with the products that I want, anytime, anywhere.



The digital economy and digital sales are an intrinsic part of any sustainable project or any creation of wealth.  Sales are not limited to the exchange of a commodity for money, but extend to a human interaction around value.  The complexity of sales circulates around profit, scalability, problem solving, and the understanding that humans pays for what is valuable for them.  The product or service that you sell represents a real understanding of a need, but on top of all, value for your customer.  Digital retail should be a process where you provide and obtain value in the form of feedback.  Understanding and preparing the new framework of digital retail is part of our research lab. 




Digital channels extend the flow, basket, conversion, and return to your products and services inside the digital economy.


Technology transforms the way we shop

From a slow, limited-choice, ‘general’ store in 1910, sales, customers, and distributors evolved to supermarkets of the 1960´s with national brand choices.  This big jump and paradigm shift was driven not only by the strengthening of the social classes and Economy stability, but also by increased  spending on a broad spectrum of commodities.   This trend continues to this day transforming to a digital retail where instant information, ordering, ranking, relevancy, convenience, and choice are in the hands of the customer.

Sales are an implicit indicator of the value that is being generated in society.

Our analysis lets us understand the customer

You have to know 'HER'

90% of the world´s expenses are driven by women.  Under that view, think about your projects and strategies, and think about your products and services.

90% of the times she can´t find the product or service she is looking for, she will leave your digital or physical channel.

She prefers trust, relevancy, frictionless service, buying online and in-store pickup, business intelligence, an accurate inventory and precise-delivery-time so that the product arrives at home when she needs it.

73% of the time, she will start her purchase online.

Why is this important? because 86% of the times she wants to make a purchase, she would have liked to buy ‘a little bit’ more.

And if you catch her… she will return to your products and services.


It is a challenge to prepare people to incorporate digital sales.

Just like a tribe (3BE) of companies needs to support each other on the digital revolution, an internal 3BE to explore digital channels is needed.  We propose a methodology that uses a 3BE of different sources to educate and prepare the enterprise´s internal teams to face this challenge.  Our method is based on the creation of internal teams (intrapreneurs) up to the launch of a new product or service (extrapreneurs).   The idea is very simple:  focus on the value that you can create for your customer.  Most of the time, you have to focus on “her”. 

Our consulting establishes where you are in the process that we follow.

We support our clients and business partners to strengthen their own digital process, teams and metrics.

This is our 3Be experience

How can we help you with your own process ?

The digital economy and digital sales should be a fundamental part of your business.  We help you strengthen them with our process and consulting

Our Lab will continue showing results.

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